Throuple | LGBTQ Short Film about a Stripper and a Married Couple

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Hungover from a bad breakup, a not-so-great stripper makes a house call to a progressive married couple who challenge the way she sees love, life, and...

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Hungover from a bad breakup, a not-so-great stripper makes a house call to a progressive married couple who challenge the way she sees love, life, and her own sexuality.

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'In today's film, writer-director Chrissie De Guzman shows how inclusion can revitalize moribund genres. Examining a three-way romantic relationship or "throuple", the young Filipina filmmaker breathes fresh life into the romantic film genre by taking what could have been a mere titillating concept for normies and weaving it something unexpectedly thoughtful, sexy, and sweet. The result both honors the specificity of the subject yet fits perfectly within the conventions and fantasy gloss of its genre, guiding viewers along a journey that is familiar, yet fresh.

Bubbles (Aisha Jade) shows up hungover for a housecall. A stripper by trade, she is brought in by a progressive white husband as a birthday gift for his wife. From their respectful demeanor and Bubble's initial befuddlement when they ask her about her "rules", we get the sense that the couple is more experienced than our young sex worker. Especially when she pukes into the decorative bowl of rice once blessed by the Dalai Lama...
Instead of being thrown out, Bubbles is babied and cared for, and an embarrassing situation transforms into a charming meet-cute. A previously transactional encounter turns into something more akin to a date, and the young woman, who had never previously considered a polyamorous relationship, is officially intrigued.

"We need to see more non-traditional love stories." - Chrissie De Guzman

The film engages in a degree of education—is the wife bisexual? is the husband? what about jealousy? While the concept is not new to me, as a hetero normative cis-male my primary exposure to throuples is via advice columns and Reddit, so to I suppose to a degree this exposition is necessary. However these basics of the polyamorous lifestyle are handled deftly in the script, and the viewer is otherwise guided along by the tried-and-true structure of the narrative. If you examine Throuple's plot, it is basically a reworking of Pretty Woman, including montage scenes of Bubble's glamorous inculcation into the lifestyle, a friend/confidant character that speaks street-wise skepticism into the stripper's ear, and a fundamental insecurity that underlies the euphoric rush of the fairy-tale romance. While the daunting hurdle of that 1989 blockbuster hit was class (can a rich man really fall for stripper?) in Throuple class is moved to the periphery—present, but sidelined by the larger existential question in Bubble's mind—can she can ever be a true partner in the relationship? Is she destined to relegation as a plaything, a sexy third wheel to the married couple's core bond?

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Cast: Aisha Jade, Tim Karasawa, Montana Pine
Producers: Xin Li, Ryan Connolly
Cinematographer: Arlene Muller
Production Designer: Alexah Acuna
Editors: Mozhu Yan & Nate Trinrud

Reproduced on this channel with the permission of the filmmakers.
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